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All WWE 2K17 In-Game Models and Overalls/Ratings! (Video)


Thanks to our colleague Youtuber Tom Cushnie who attended a 2K Event in London, here’s some exclusive footage of WWE 2K17 featuring all the in-game models and overalls for the entire roster, including some Alt. Versions of the Superstars that were unconfirmed until now, and that have been added to our WWE 2K17 Roster Page:

  1. Big Show ’00
  2. Chris Jericho ’01
  3. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  4. Kevin Nash
  5. Kane ’98
  6. The Rock ’01
  7. Scott Hall
  8. Sting ’91
  9. Sting ’99
  10. Stunning Steve Austin
  11. Triple H ’01
  12. Undertaker ’00
  13. Undertaker ’91



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